Suyash Nolkha

Suyash Nolkha   (Director / Developer of RTU Paper)

Suyash Nolkha | Head RTU paper Group
Something about me that I am really good at would be learning, coding, practicality and curiousity. Curiousity about reason behind every cause. I love making new friends and one thing you wouldn't know about me is that I absolutley hate mugging up the things. I don't follow any specific religion. I am young, 20 years old. Im quite smart and outspoken, I am not among theoretical creature, I am a bit more interested in knowing the reasons behind the happenings and tend to enjoy other things such as buying new gadgets, going out to eat, wasting time on net, chit-chat,......!!!. And just as a little bonus I would like to add that I always Listen to what people says but will always do what I really wanna...I never avoid taking RISK, just prepones it.
~Suyash Nolkha