RTU B.Tech Electronics & Communication Papers

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What is Electronics and communication Engineering? Why to take EC Branch? What you will learn in Electronics and communication Engineering? What purpose it serves for?

It deals with designing equipment such as routers, switches, fiber optics, tablets, smartphones, circuitry and electronic switching systems. In a nutshell, this branch of engineering deals with electronic devices, embedded systems and software interfaces. Well if we start discussing about the importance of ECE it goes on like an Everest...

Usually in the first year of your B.Tech you will learn things that you have already learnt at your +2 stage like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English etc. The actual core subjects come from 2nd year, usually you will be 1st introduced with subjects related to Electronics field like circuit designing and analyzing etc. Later subjects related to Communication field.
Subjects related to communication field are Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Wireless Communication, Satellite Communication & Networking, and Cellular Mobile Communication etc.

Candidates have ample of opportunities in this field. Electronics and Communication specialists can work in both public and private firms.

Besides these, there are several industries like mechatronics, aviation, healthcare, technical, circuitry and manufacturing etc. All these are all valid careers for Electronics and communication engineer. Students of Electronics and Communication Engineering has higher demand than any other department.